Edwardian Seaweed Baths

I recently had the pleasure of accompanying a group of 24 young men on a mission to defeat a local Gaelic team on a weekend trip to the quaint coastal village of Enniscrone, Co Sligo, in the depths of winter, a typical wet and grey November; Enniscrone still appeared to retain an element of “seaside village” loveliness.

After a dismal afternoon of  sideline supporting, face numbing activity I was delighted to discover the extraordinary setting of “Kilcullens Seaweed Baths”, an Edwardian building that opened for business in 1912 and to date has retained all its original charm. As I submerged myself reluctantly into the floating seaweed, I started to reminisce about the previous occupants to this steaming 19th century porcelain bath.

The well preserved sash windows, large brass taps and authentic glazed tiling gave a sense of being transferred to another era.

After an hour of detox and relaxation, unfortunately, it was time to programme my ” time machine”  back to “reality” and “2014”.

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