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Perhaps Regina’s given artistic flair is no surprise, given that she is the great granddaughter of prominent and award-winning RHA painter William P. Rogers.

Born and bred in Dublin, Regina Rogers artistic journey mirrors the pulse of the city itself. Raised in this vibrant city, her passion for art ignited against the backdrop of the rich cultural tapestry that defines Ireland’s capital. Regina’s fascination with the human form began in her formative years. The bustling streets of Dublin provided not only inspiration but also a canvas for her early explorations. The city’s eclectic mix of tradition and modernity would later become the signature backdrop for her contemporary figurative pieces.

Regina’s art breathes life into the canvas with a celebration of the human experience. Her contemporary figurative pieces capture the essence of modern life, often exploring the complexities of human relationships, identity, and the delicate interplay between the individual and society. Each brushstroke tells a story, inviting viewers to connect with the narratives woven into the fabric of her work.

Regina continues to evolve as an artist, her legacy unfolds within the vivid strokes of her canvases. A Dublin artist at heart, she paints not only with colours but with the essence of a city that breathes life into every piece—a contemporary figurative storyteller weaving tales that resonate far beyond the streets of her beloved Dublin.

artist Regina Rogers Fallon

A collection of Regina’s most recent Artwork inspired by “by the people that she has meet’

Regina Rogers Fallon Irish Artist- Ladies


A social outing with a real sense of friendship in the air.

Acrylic on Canvas with a double white frame
Dimensions : 1220mm W x 1220mm H,
Dimensions Including Frame : 1310mm W x 1310mm H


Price: €3800


The power of friendship, these two ladies are embracing one of those memorable moments.

Acrylic on Canvas with a white box frame.
Dimensions : 480mm W x 1480mm H,
Dimensions Including Frame : 540mm W x 1570mm H

Price: €1800


A celebration of unity.

Acrylic on Canvas with a double white frame.
Dimensions : 930mm W x 930mm H,
Dimensions Including Frame : 1020mm W x 1020mm H

Price: €1400

Happiness is ..

A young couple on a new journey.

Acrylic on Canvas with a white box frame.
Dimensions : 300mm W x 920mm H,
Dimensions Including Frame : 520mm W x 1130mm H

Price: €1100
Regina Rogers Art - Happiness is


A mutual respect, a gesture of kindness, the strength to carry on.

Acrylic on canvas with a double white frame.
Dimensions : 1200mm W x 900mm H,
Dimensions Including Frame : 1290mm W x 990mm H.

Price: €4000

Africa Sunset

A long journey towards an African Sunset.

Acrylic on Canvas with a black box frame.
Dimensions : 300mm W x 1200mm H,
Dimensions Including Frame : 390mm W x 1290mm H

Price: €1100

“Regina now creates abstract, figurative interpretations of the human form, with a distinct palette of vibrant colours on an unconventional sized (read: enormous!) canvas”

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Dublin 5.


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