Lighting Design

Lighting design is one of the most overlooked yet important elements of good interior design. Efficient and effective lighting is vital. Being creative and using a variation of light fittings will enhance the design and functionality of any space. There are a couple of fundamentals to good lighting design, maximise the influx of natural light and ensure that your light fittings are distributed effectively in order to generate sufficient light. The main objective is to find a balance between mood, task, and accent lighting.

Mood lighting provides general room illumination and is integrated to enhance the design of a space and create ambience. Task lighting is purely for functionality, helping you to see better where you need it. Finally, accent lighting will create interesting visual effects by highlighting architectual detail. Finding the right balance is vital.
Regina Rogers Fallon - Interior Designer - Lighting

Regina stays up to date with all innovative products available and works closely with some of Irelands leading lighting experts implementing their invaluable technical and product knowledge to every project. She also travels to some of Europe’s leading design shows constantly looking to source ‘something a little different’ that will add that ‘wow factor’ to your interior space.

If you are looking for a well balanced and effective lighting plan give Regina a call ….