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Unilux began in 1955 when Nicholas Meeth, a carpenter in Salmtal, near Trier in the weastern part of Germany, began to perfect his craft of building wood windows and doors. In the 70 years since Nicholas Meeth hand-built his first wood window, Unilux has slowly grown into the leading window and door manufacturer in Europe.

Regina Rogers Fallon is now collaberating with Unilux as a brand ambassador, introducing their “top of the range” products to Architects, Designers and Contractors across Ireland.
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Aluminum Clad Wood:
Wood creates comfort, it is a feel good material, Aluminum on the otherhand offers a robust protective sheild against the elements. Put together they form an aluminum clad wood window or door which lasts for generations without the need for continuous maintance. Products: Windows Open View Lift System Exterior Bi Fold System Jumbo Line Door.

Fineline Curtain Wall System:
Modern day Architects want more window and less frame, Thaankfully Unilux’s Finline Facade System was created to make their dreams come true.

Wood Window:
Wood – timeless, renewable and beautiful. for years, Unilux has been the market leader in Germany. Wood is a material that has character, from the individuality of the grain to the colour of the finish. By building with Oak, Pine, Larch and Exotic Wood, we balance the natural resillency of each species with exquisite design aesthetics.

Passive House Vinyl:
Our vinyl windows are so well made they are suitable for Passive House applications. Vinyl isostar windows offer superior thermal performance in an extremely thin package.

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