About Regina

After a decade of career experience in the creative arts as a painter in 2007 Regina opted to expand her creative pursuits in the Interior Design realm where she capitalised on a Bachelor’s Degree earned from Griffith College, Dublin. Since then Regina has gained extensive experience in the Interior design industry and is now one of Dublins leading interior designers, Regina is driven by an abundance of creative energy and a genuine passion and appreciation for good design, her design concepts come from the soul and her inspiration from nature, she always strives to deliver the perfect balance of texture, colour, and ultimately functionality. Regina feels that Design can be anything you want it to be, there is no limitation, functionality is your only obligation. Space planning and functionality is an integral part of the design process, it is vital to prioritise the efficiency of a space”, Regina encourages her clients to “think outside the box,” because your home should always reflect your personality.”

Regina Rogers Fallon Interior Designer

Regina feels  that understanding a client’s’ requirements is the most fundamental part of the design process, and this can only be achieved with clear communication and invested time. The seed is sown at an initial design consultation and from there the conceptual process begins. Clients may have a clear vision for the design of their home or business and Regina is the perfect candidate to bring that vision to life. Boasting a proficiency in Design and Architecture and a creative mind-set, she can formulate solutions that you may never have imagined. Regina covers all aspects of Interior Design and specialises in “Design and Build”, taking on the role of designer and project manager. with her full commitment given to your project from fruition to completion. An initial consultation gives Regina the opportunity to realise a client’s vision and put together a proposal. Knowing your budget is crucial when commencing an interior design project as it helps you to set realistic goals, this will influence your decision-making, and prevent overspending.

Regina Rogers Fallon

Regina designs for longevity and doesn’t necessarily adhere to fluctuating trends, timeless design will stand the test of time and remain relevant for years, and eliminates constant updates. Implementing an uniqueness to your interior design can add a sense of realism and character to a space, making it feel more personal. In order to achieve the perfect interior design, Regina collaborates with some of the most skilled upholsterers, curtain makers and furniture designers in Ireland. Travelling annually to some of the most influential design shows in Europe to stay updated and inspired. If you engage with Regina, you can be assured that she will implement her professionalism, commitment and creative energy to your project every step of the way.


Perhaps Regina’s artistic flair is no surprise, given that she is the great granddaughter of the prominent and award-winning RHA painter William P. Rogers. Regina’s Art and Design studio is based in Killester, Dublin, where she devotes her time to working on her latest design projects and painting. She also divides her time on the rustic west coast of Ireland, where she exhales and connects with nature ”and herself”, fulfilling her artistic chops in photography, collecting stimulation for her art and constantly whipping up design ideas.