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Regina believes ‘everything is possible’ .. Hence her desire to design and manufacture her own furniture pieces.

Instead of searching tirelessly for that perfect furniture piece, why not design your own ? Regina believes it isn’t compulsory to abide by a ‘one size fits all’ approach to design. In most cases customising your own furniture can offer the perfect design solution. Personalise your furniture to make it fit perfectly. Customising can offer an extensive choice in finishes and texture with an infinite choice in fabrics when you customise a sofa.

It generally starts with a simple sketch, taking into consideration functionality and style. Regina’s main objective is to create something individual, while meeting her clients requirements in ergonomics and practicality.
Bespoke Furniture

Regina works with some of Irelands leading and most reputable furniture manufactures in order to deliver these unique furniture pieces. These five star furniture experts offer quality assurance and deliver spectacular furniture pieces every time.

This sideboard is designed by Irish Furniture designer Pat Casserly.

Regina offers an extensive fabric range when designing a sofa and will assist you every step of the way in order to achieve the perfect design.

Rug designed by Rugs by Design.

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