Colour Consultancy & Wallcoverings

Regina Rogers Fallon, who is one of Dublin’s leading colour consultants, believe’s that colour is an integral part of design. “I love how it can have such a ginormous impact on an environment,” she says. “It is such a powerful and influential communication tool and it greatly effects our emotions. In a residential environment the objective is to create a cosy atmosphere and connect the multiple elements of design within the space. Creating the perfect tones and contrast can totally transform how you see and feel about your home or business.”
Regina offers a full colour consultancy service and will combine colour psychology and current trends to create an interesting palette that offers not only a ‘colour solution’ but also enhances your overall design. This service can range from specifying colours for a couple of rooms to consulting for a full interior and exterior with an additional interior design service if required. Regina is fanatical about colour and says: “dont be afraid to use it, colour is the most economical way to redesign a space.”
“When it comes to paint choices, don’t restrict yourself to paint brochures,” says Regina. “Paint companies have colour strips where an infinite collection of colours can be mixed. When it comes to paint colour there is no restriction. Any wall can be any colour, just concentrate on coordinating similar tones. Working with undertones can be tricky, the tones should merge and your palette should flow.”

Regina partners with numerous paints companies in Ireland, working as a leading colour consultant in the industry, in recent years she has gained extensive experience in both the residential and commercial sectors. Included in her portfolio is one of the most magnificent churches in Dublin, a significant historical building in College Green, along with restaurants, bars, and multiple businesses across Ireland.

Regina travels nationwide to consult on all commercial and residential projects and implements her professional skill set and creative flair as an interior designer to every project.

Make contact with Regina today to schedule a colour consulation, she will implement her expertise if you are a new home owner, at the end of a renovation or just tired of buying sample pot’s.