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May 23, 2014 by adminregina

Handwoven Textiles Produced at “Ballyloughey Loom”.

What an unexpected treat to cycle across the rustic terrain of Clare  Island, Co Mayo and discover “ Ballytoughey Loom”, an isolated treasure trove of quality hand woven goods, everything from hand bags to linen bath towels towels.

Beth Moran the “proprietor” an extraordinary gifted lady welcomes “passers by” to her studio while she designs and creates a range of fascinating textiles. Beth uses a contemporary array of colour and pattern to create a variety of products, and the possibilities are endless.

Beth sources the wool from her small sheep farm and creates her own fabric dyes from the plants that surround this tranquil setting.

May 20, 2014 by adminregina

Edwardian Seaweed Baths

I recently had the pleasure of accompanying a group of 24 young men on a mission to defeat a local Gaelic team on a weekend trip to the quaint coastal village of Enniscrone, Co Sligo, in the depths of winter, a typical wet and grey November; Enniscrone still appeared to retain an element of “seaside village” loveliness. After a dismal afternoon of  sideline supporting, face numbing activity I was delighted to discover the extraordinary setting of “Kilcullens Seaweed Baths”, an Edwardian building that opened for business in 1912 and to date has retained all its original charm. As I submerged myself reluctantly into the floating seaweed, I started to reminisce about the previous occupants to this steaming 19th century porcelain bath. The well preserved sash windows, large brass taps and authentic glazed tiling gave a sense of being transferred to another era. After an hour of detox and relaxation, unfortunately, it was time to programme my ” time machine”  back to “reality” and “2014”.