Design Consultation


So what happens at a “Design Consultation” with Interior Designer Regina Rogers.

It is more constructive to have a little briefing before a “Design Consultation” so I will ask for a quick email to be sent with your list of requirements before we meet, you may require a shopping trip to finalise a decision on a product, just tired of trying to source a modern and unusual light fitting to complete a design or you are about to commence a full renovation to create your dream home and you “dont know where to start”.

I collaborate with some of the most skilled upholsterers, curtain makers and furniture designers in Ireland and stay constantly updated with the fluctuating trends from some of the most talented international designers, so if you are looking for inspiration  .. you are in good hands.

A “Design Consultation” generally takes two hours, if there are a couple of decisions that have already been confirmed, it is important to have samples and drawings.

We will kick off our meeting with a quick chat then a “walk trough” your home, and after we have concluded with our consultation I will send a detailed design proposal by email, providing links, information to give you direct contact with my suppliers and lots of innovative and creative design ideas to get that project started.