Interior Design

Regina Rogers Fallon, one of Dublin’s leading interior designers, is driven by an abundance of creative energy and a genuine passion and appreciation for good design. Regina’s design concepts come from the soul, where she strives to deliver the perfect balance of texture, colour, light, and ultimately functionality. Understanding a client’s’ requirements is vital and this can only be achieved with “clear communication” and “invested time”. 
The seed is sown at the initial “design consultation” and from then the “conceptual process” begins. You may have a clear vision for the design of your home or business, and Regina can help you bring this to life. 
Boasting a proficiency in Design and Architecture and a creative mind-set, Regina can formulate solutions that you may never have imagined.

Regina covers all aspects of Interior Design and specialises in “Design and Build”, taking on the role as “Designer” and “Project Manager”. An initial consultation, at the planning stage of your project, will give Regina the opportunity to realise your vision and put together a “Design Proposal”. 

Plan ahead before you start your interior design project, it is important to create a detailed plan that outlines your budget, timeline, and design preferences. Hiring a designer will help you to create a plan that meets your requirements 

Once that has been clarified, “the design can be anything you want it to be, there is no limitation, functionality is your only obligation. Space planning and functionality is a integral part of the design process and it is it vital to prioritise the efficiency of the space,” says Regina. “Think outside the box,” she adds. “Design your home or business to reflect your personality.” Regina designs for longevity and doesn’t necessarily adhere to fluctuating trends, timeless design will stand the test of time and remain relevant for years, and eliminates constant updates. Implementing an uniqueness to your “interior design” can add a sense of realism and character to a space, making it feel more personal

In order to achieve what Regina perceives to be the perfect interior design, she collaborates with some of the most skilled upholsterers, curtain makers and furniture designers in Ireland. She also travels annually to some of the most influential design shows in Europe to stay updated and to be continuously inspired by the most talented international designers.
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ShowHouse Showdown

The brief was simple and precise from the offset, design a home for “family living”. Having two boys I know the necessities and design implications needed for a family home and this took centre stage when generating the concept for my design. I designed a sofa, derived from a simple sketch, for comfort and slouching but also to withstand the imagination of a young child (tried and tested as a wrestling ring) using a commercial rated velvet on a bespoke frame, this definitely   ticked the box for durability.

 I then added an abstract “Harlequin fabric” (cushion) that set the colour scheme throughout the downstairs of the house. 

No project is too big or small. If you are looking for a simple shopping trip to finalise a design decision, a modern and unusual light fitting to complete a design or a full renovation to create your dream home, you can be assured that Regina will implement her professionalism, commitment, and her abundance of creative energy every step of the way.