Commercial Colour Consultancy


So what happens at a “Colour Consultation” for a commercial project.

A colour scheme is not something that is chosen randomly, it is dictated by the colour of the “main elements” in place, the “fixed and big ticket items” like Flooring, Tiles, Office Furniture etc

So the first step when creating a colour scheme is to take an overview of these items, finding the right balance of colour that creates a flow from one area to the next .. introducing “pops” of colour where needed in order to enhance the overall design, It is amazing the influence colour alone can have on the design of any space.

A “Colour Consultation” for a commercial space will require a quick brief before a site visit, I always start my visit with a “full walk trough” and then work from one space to another, always keeping the overall scheme in mind, working with a paint brand of your choice is “no problem” and when I have finalised the scheme I will send a “digital colour board” to you with all the colours and finishes so you can browse trough the scheme with anticipation.