This project was the re-design of an apartment in Co Dublin, that commenced in 2018, my main role was project manager and then interior finishes, all the structural and fixed elements to the design are accredited to the Spanish Architect Mariano Burgos.

There were an abundance of design challenges on this project but overall it was a great opportunity and learning curve, the initial challenge for the team was to make make slight adjustments to the design to meet with Irish regulations, there were also numerous alternative elements to the design which were uncommon in residential design in Ireland, the micro cement floors and walls, the fixed storage units that also acted as the interior dividing walls, and the light boxes that added impressive features trough-out the apartment.

The sliding steel wall that lead into the 2 bathrooms, and the walk-in wardrobe in the master-bedroom was innovative in design but the fabrication and installation was not for the faint hearted .. achieving the perfect colour match between the micro cement and the fixed furniture lead to more sleepless nights than you can imagine but relaying each specification and achieving each part of the design was extremely rewarding.
The brief was complex and the design unusual, but the completed project was definitely worth the challenge.

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