Designing the perfect “Living Room”

With the exception of a bedroom, a similar style and colour scheme should run from one room to the next within your home, it is important to implement your personality into your design so try and be a little adventurous. When working to a budget focus on your big ticket items and invest in quality were possible, your flooring and sofa will influence the overall design of your Living Room.

When purchasing your sofa think of functionality foremost and always measure the space, never sacrifice comfort for aesthetics, customising a sofa is only marginally more expensive than buying on the high street, and this gives you the flexibility to tailor your design to the size and shape of your room and personalise the comfort to your requirements, there are fabrics to suit every budget and the choice is infinite.

When picking your flooring durability and practicality is vital, if you decide to go for a laminate/ engineered or solid wood flooring a rug can offer a great counterbalance and is the perfect accessory to add colour, design and comfort. If you choose a carpet make sure the quality and colour is adequate to your requirements.

Lighting has an important part to play on the feel of a room, it has an impact on the ambience within the space and colours, observe the amount of natural light coming into the room and start to build from there, Introduce layers of lighting, have your central light fitting on a dimmer to provide functional light for reading etc and a couple of lamps to create ambience in the evening time.

Your paint colour should be the final stage of the design, pick a soft neutral and a feature colour that connects with your soft furnishings or just one overall colour that has the perfect undertone to coordinate with your design .. a little depth and a grey undertone in a colour will bring warmth and a cosy feel to a room. Personalise your design and try to avoid high trends, with timeless design and colour you get longevity, introduce your pops of colour in accessories, cushions and lamps etc.