New Exhibition Opens at Westport Townhall


An exhibition of work from Regina Rogers Fallon an artist and an Interior Designer from Dublin, is running at the new Westport Town Hall Theatre from August 1st to September 1st 2018. 

Regina Divides her time between Dublin and the west coast of Ireland, in the tranquil town of Louisburgh, “this is where I exhale and connect with nature”, said Rogers Fallon, “the rustic landscape of Louisburgh inspires me to paint and create”, I am delighted to be exhibiting once again in the Town Hall Theatre, Westport, “Westport is a town that is close to my heart”.

Design Top Tips For Your Home


Regina says: "With the exception of a bedroom, a similar style and colour scheme should run from one room to the next within your home. It is important to implement your personality into your design, so try and be a little adventurous. "When working to a budget, focus on your big-ticket items and invest in quality where possible. Your flooring and sofa will influence the overall design of your living room.

When purchasing your sofa, think of functionality first and always measure the space beforehand. Never sacrifice comfort for aesthetics. Customising a sofa is only marginally more expensive than buying on the high street and this gives you the flexibility to tailor your design to the size and shape of your room. There are fabrics to suit every budget and style, plus the choice on offer is infinite.

Designing the perfect “Living Room”


With the exception of a bedroom, a similar style and colour scheme should run from one room to the next within your home, it is important to implement your personality into your design so try and be a little adventurous. When working to a budget focus on your big ticket items and invest in quality were possible, your flooring and sofa will influence the overall design of your Living Room.

When purchasing your sofa think of functionality foremost and always measure the space, never sacrifice comfort for aesthetics, customising a sofa is only marginally more expensive than buying on the high street, and this gives you the flexibility to tailor your design to the size and shape of your room and personalise the comfort

The Complete Renovation of an Edwardian House in Dublin


This is a recent project I designed which commenced in 2016, the complete renovation of an Edwardian house in Dublin 9, this house was stripped back to its core and fully modernised, the foundations were restructured, windows replaced, and a small extension added with a full redesign of the interior. The brief was to create a contemporary style throughout that was complementary to the era of the house, “straight lines with no frills”

Planning a Renovation and Hiring an Interior Designer


Hiring an interior designer can sometimes feel intimidating, the biggest concerns are generally, “How much will the service cost” and “will the Designer impose their own style”, however working with an Interior Designer will help you to manage your budget and avoid expensive mistakes, saving you time and money.

As part of the initial design process a professional designer will invest considerable time to realise a clients requirements and style in order to build a design concept, primarily focusing on functionality. Taking on a renovation project can be overwhelming, before thinking about furniture and fittings a realistic approach is vital ...

Regina Rogers Fallon, BA Interior Design Aluma: "As a designer, be yourself and believe in what you do". Define your style.


Regina Rogers Fallon is well on her way to achieving her goal of becoming a recognised name in the area of interior design in Ireland. She combines her artist's eye and experience in customer service from Aer Lingus, with her BA in Interior Design from Griffith, to deliver a bespoke service to clients across Ireland.

Early career: From a young age Regina knew that she wanted to be an artist. However, when she was finishing school in the 1980s, the only art school around at the time was theNational College of Art and Design, which was difficult to get into without the proper contacts and financial resources ...

A Modern Family Home with a Creative Flair


"Showhouse Showdown" was a rare and exciting opportunity to showcase my style on TV, and the production company VIP and Pivotal Construction helped make it a very enjoyable experience. the brief was simple and precise from the offset, design a home for "family living".

Having two boys I know the necessities and design implications needed for a family home and this took centre stage when generating the concept for my design. I designed a sofa, derived from a simple sketch, for comfort and slouching but also to withstand the imagination of a young child (tried and tested as a wrestling ring) using a commercial rated velvet ...

15 Tips on how to Enhance that Awkward Space with Paint


There are a couple of interesting scenarios where "paint" can visually compensate and transform an awkward space within a home, heres a couple of tips ..

1. A low lying ceiling can make a room feel claustrophobic if you install narrow vertical wall panelling and paint it in a distinctive colour applying an off white paint to the ceiling, the narrow panelling will alter your visual perception by stretching the walls, a dark Navy and a grey based white can be a luxurious combo.

2. Paint a vertical stripe on your walls (a very patient painter is required) chose a warm neutral and a distinctive colour that will coordinate with existing furnishings, avoid too much activity within the space, while a larger room ...